Project Description
This code is the engine for a litigation management solution configured for managing the preservation notice component within an E-Discovery project. Currently, the data store that the engine is using is a SharePoint 2007 instance (it could be either WSS or MOSS). The code has been written using Domain-Driven Design techniques; therefore, there is nothing to stop anyone from changing the data store to be a relational database, or whatever you want it to be, or even mixing some parts in SharePoint and some in a database. To change the data store, you would simply change the correct Repository configuration setings, and then implement your own Repository(ies) as you see fit.

The preservation notice modules allow counsel and legal teams to create, manage, send and track preservation notices at the case level. Notices and reminders are sent automatically via email and status information is updated in the Portal in real time. The utilities allow for single or batch notice sending to all custodians or just a select group.

The sent time and date is automatically recorded in the Portal. Recipients click on a link in the Preservation Notice email to acknowledge receipt and preservation understanding, and the Portal case site is updated in real time with the date and time acknowledged. The utility also allows teams to set the frequency of automatic reminders and to create customized groups of custodians.

Click here for more information on what Domain-Driven Design is. To learn more about the architecture employed in this application, please check out this book on Amazon.

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